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Dr FitzGerald Frazer Retirement Posted on 8 Mar 2021

I joined Wellington Road Surgery nearly 35 years ago and have decided that on my 68th birthday in March of this year, it will be time for me to retire.


Medicine has changed considerably since I started and I have enjoyed developing my knowledge to keep pace with this change.  Wellington Road Surgery has grown in size and looks after many more patients than when I first joined.  Many more complex diseases and treatments are now overseen by the doctors and nurses at the surgery.


When I started there were 4 full time partners, 2 nurses and a dispenser.  There are now 7 doctors, 4 nurses as well as 2 Health Care Assistants, a pharmacist and 4 dispensers.  We have a wide range of on-site diagnostic equipment from ECG machines to blood testing for potential blood clots.  These can save the patient having to go to the local A & E department for assessment.


The surgery has expanded during my time here with 3 extensions being added, the most recent 10 years ago, creating consulting rooms and a waiting room upstairs.


It has been a pleasure to work here, I have met a great many patients in my time and will find it hard to leave.

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